About Us


Hello and welcome. David and Rachell here, founders of Moby B.

We are medical professionals with years of experience of city practice, of large public hospitals and smaller
private hospitals but particularly, and this is our passion - provision of services to Rural and Remote

We work with people, we know what works, and it does not need to be complex. Most of us want to
be in control of our space and how we interact with it.

These are trying times, with lots of often conflicting information about how we should go about our
daily lives and remain Covid-19 safe.

Our passion for health, to provide good quality advice has driven us to develop this site. Our role
gives us access to product and information that is not readily available to one and all.

Our undertaking, to you, is to provide the best quality product to assist all of us in our Covid-19 safe
journey. To place it in front of you, via this website, as an easily accessible, easily digestible one stop
Covid-19 PPE shop and reference for all things Covid-19.

Our comprehensive Covid-19 PPE Kit supplies all that you may need to remain Covid-19 safe outside
and indeed inside your home. Our Fact sheets, supplied with the kit and available separately, are
readily available to visually as well as factually support you in your Covid safe journey.

Please feel free to browse our space, to shop for the Kit or to purchase any of the items separately.
Stay Safe, read our blog, feel free to submit questions, read our FAQ section but above all, stay safe
be kind to one another, be considerate of someone else's journey and remember those 4 simple
letters that can mean so much, RU OK?

"The shape and size of the fabric mask is comfortable and is enhanced by the adjustable ear straps.
The added features of an air valve and a replacement filter ensures breathability and safety, whilst the range of designs available provides a fashionable alternative to a paper mask."