Travel to and from NSW Information about travelling to and from NSW from interstate and overseas.

Hi Guys, we are all confused about what we can and cant do and where we can and cant travel - well, in short - if we are really responsible, as we all should be, its not a lot. The NSW government website - link included, explains in more detail.

As to us, we live outside the current declared hot spots and will not be travelling in, as planned. If you live within a hotspot please dont travel outside and infect the rest of us even if you think you are virus free.

Travelling from a hotspot to the country really is NOT OK.

Travelling from the Country to a hotpspot is technically OK, but not advised. If you do, you will risk bringing the virus home with you. Additionally you may have to self isolate when you get home.

These rules apply to everyone, and that means ALL of us. Its simply what we need to do, its not necessarily what we all want to do but it is what we need to do. Please stay safe and remain at home this Christmas for your sake and the safety of our friends and family. 

Phone, Tweet, Videolink. Have a delayed catch up in the New Year. Perhaps this year extend a Christmas wish to those around you who may otherwise be alone. 

Remember practice RUOK and perhaps we all will be.