Helping to be COVID safe in remote Aboriginal communities

PPE Supplier MobyB has partnered with Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) to supply five communities in Western NSW with COVID19 Kits. 

Aboriginal Medical Services in Walgett, Brewarrina, Coonamble, Bourke and Dubbo will soon receive donated COVID19 PPE kits, thanks to a partnership between two Dubbo businesses.

PPE Supplier MobyB wanted to partner with an organisation who works closely with remote communities, to ascertain where the equipment was needed most. 

They approached Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E) who purchased five kits, to distribute to the AMS’s in five communities. 

MobyB have also donated a sixth pack, to additionally support REDI.E with their COVID Safe goals. The pack will go to a remote community organisation who need that extra bit of care and commitment to COVID19 restrictions.

REDI.E also agreed to organise for the distribution of the kits, through staff in their communities. 

The COVID kits include:

  • Surgical face masks - Medicom Comfort, Type 2 (x10)
  • Face Shield - Ipkis Medical -Single, reusable
  • XL CPE Gowns with Thumb hooks (x2)
  • L CPE Gowns with Thumb Hooks (x2)
  • Clinell Detergent Wipes (215 wipes)
  • Hand Gel - Antimicrobial with Moisturisers and Vitamin E, 70% Ethyl Alcohol. Kills 99.9% common germs
  • Gloves - MediFlex Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves, large (100 gloves per box)

REDI.E CEO Tracey Shillingsworth says her team is excited to work with another organisation who wants to make a difference.

‘When MobyB approached us, we were honoured. It is these partnerships that will lead to meaningful change in our communities,’ she said.

‘Access to PPE and other equipment is so essential - and yet our communities are constantly struggling to have adequate supplies.’

‘We will always do whatever we can to help, especially when such a great opportunity presents itself.’

MobyB Founders David Treacey & Rachell Haack are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with REDI.E and to help them fulfil that need. 

‘Having worked extensively through rural and remote outback communities, we have experienced and understand the tyrannies of distance, time, and the restricted access to often vital goods and services,’ said David. 

‘In our professional roles, we have access to all the things that make working and living in today's COVID world safe. Unfortunately, many do not. We set up our website for everyday people, to fulfil this need.’

Rachell Haack says partnerships like the one MobyB now has with Tracey and her team at REDI.E allow them to deliver on that goal.

‘We want to work with other businesses to provide COVID safe goods and materials for everyday use - as well as our fact sheets, which they can download and utilise,’ she said. 

‘Our fact sheets detail everything from how to wear a mask properly, how to effectively wash your hands, how to recognise the symptoms of COVID19 and what to do if you suspect you may be symptomatic.’